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The Team

Kate Craig-Wood (aka. woodrake on, woodtech on all other cryptocoin sites) is the principal founder of CipherMine. She is a highly successful and well-known British entrepreneur with deep expertise in cloud computing, hosting, data centre energy efficiency and cyber security. She is also in the final year of a part-time PhD with the local university’s computing department. Her principal responsibilities in CipherMine are business administration, finance, purchasing and software development.

Giles Russell (aka. evilscoop on is our ASIC rig builder and general mining hardware expert. He also has significant software development and management expertise. As Kate’s original partner in CipherMine he is also Kate’s executive officer / operations manager, allowing her to focus on strategy and finance. A part of the relationship with CipherMine is that we hope to trade his skills to bolster our ASIC supply.

Jan Heinicke-Clemm (aka. JohnDorien on is our mining software specialist and maintains systems such as our private pools and Primecoin mining grid. Jan is a trained IT-system-electrician (the german apprenticeship). He has a good understanding and basic skills for system administration, especially windows server, and multiple programming languages (PHP, MySQL, C/C++, VB/VBS). His recent professional focus has been on on project management and process optimization. Jan will be working closely with Richard in coming months on some of our diversifications.

Richard West is our diversification services developer. Richard is a developer and designer with an unusually broad skill set, whose applications serve hundreds of thousands of users. His skills include multi-platform desktop and mobile device application development, web development, relational and NoSQL database design, building services for massive scale and server administration. He is the driving force behind several of Memset Ltd’s free services, including and

Ross Martyn and Simon Weald are systems administrators at Memset. They are providing maintenance support of the mining equipment. It is necessary that the people providing that are Memset employees since we will be using their data centre.

Katie Olver is our press relations agent. She has many years experience in technology marcomms and is Memset’s and Kate’s personal PR agent. She has already secured several items of coverage for CipherMine and continues to get us in front of the press. She is also getting speaking positions for Kate.

Liam Devany is our Web developer, responsible for maintaining as well as the planned industrial- sites.